Who We Are

Living things impact their community through their roles, choices and behaviors.

  1. Community Helpers - word search
  2. Find the Technology - computer vocabulary
  3. People Work
Where We Are in Place and Time

Celebrations result from culture and may change over time.

  1. The History of Thanksgiving
  2. Holiday Dress Up
  3. Tour the Mayflower
How We Express Ourselves

Culture influences the creation and perception of art.

  1. Create a Snowflake
  2. Kids Art Institute Chicago
  3. Letter Art
  4. Monet Exhibition
How the World Works

The scientific method builds understanding and informs problem solving and decision making.

  1. Identify Outcomes and Make Predictions
  2. The Scientific Method
  3. A Touch of Class
How We Organize Ourselves

Economic activities and decisions impact a community.

  1. Compare Money Amounts
  2. Counting Coins
  3. Dollar Dive
  4. Enough Money?
  5. Fruit Shoot Coins
  6. Learn to Count Money
  7. Money Match
Sharing the Planet

Structures and functions help living things survive.

  1. Build Your Wild Self
  2. Eco Kids
  3. Life Cycles
  4. San Diego Zoo Kids
  5. A Touch of Class